Stumphouse Tunnel and Issaqueena Falls

January 29, 2016 | Will Hall
Last updated on August 19, 2016

Stumphouse Tunnel

The 1,617 foot long Stumphouse Tunnel is an oddity. Started in 1852 by the Blue Ridge Railroad to connect Charleston to Knoxville and eventually on to Cincinnati, the Civil War—and lack of funds—brought construction to a halt. While there were various efforts to revive the tunnel, none of them came to pass and it stands today as a monument to the efforts of pre-Civil War engineering. Down the path a short distance is Issaqueena Falls, a beautiful waterfall with easy access by a 200-300’ wide, gentle, graveled path to a wooden lookout platform with a rail and seating. The park also includes a picnic shelter.

Issaqueena Falls

An easy 5-minute walk from the parking area on a well-maintained path takes visitors to a viewing platform overlooking the falls. The descent to the base of the falls is steep and challenging

Admission: $2 Parking Fee

Photography credits: Rich Stevenson

Stumphouse Tunnel Rd
Walhalla, SC 29691

Phone: (864) 638-4343

Hours: Open daily 10am-5pm except Christmas Day and inclement weather

Traveler Reviews

★★★★★Very beautiful. Extremely easy to access. We had a friend who is physically challenged and he was able to get to it with no problem. Nice overview deck. Picnic table for a packed lunch or just sit and enjoy the sound of the falls. Very short walk. I was here at the end of February so I had a pretty good view. I can tell once the leaves grow in it might be a bit of a challenge to see the falls. There was a path to the right that lead to the bottom but it was kinda dangerous only 1 person who was with us took it he said it was pretty bad at parts. There is also a trail to the left before you get on the bridge to go to the deck. It leads to the top of the falls it looked like people were going behind the water not sure we didn't use it. Be sure to drive a little further down and see the stump house tunnel. April 26, 2017
★★★★★Really cool waterfalls, but to see the bottom of the falls (the best part) is no easy task. No flip-flops!April 12, 2017
★★★★★Very beautiful. The climb down and back up isn't as bad as it looks. Had a great time there. March 20, 2017
★★★★★Truly love this place. Stumphouse Tunnel is closed, but the falls a beautiful. It is pretty cold in the winter.March 18, 2017