Top 6 Meat and Three Restaurants near Clemson

February 12, 2016 | Austin Canfield
Last updated on May 18, 2016

The Esso Club


The Esso Club is famously known in the area for their Meat & Three lunch offer during the midday hours. Typically a wide range of customers from locals stopping by for lunch to college students taking a break from classes, the Meat & Three is calling their name. Esso Club’s Meat & Three is where you can find your fix for home cooked meals with their selection of meats and variety of vegetables/mac & cheese, and fried foods. Any visitors in the area searching for the “Clemson” experience can find it by stopping by The Esso Club.

Paw’s Diner


Another local hotspot for the Clemson community is Paw’s Diner located in a hole-in-the- wall joint off of Highway 123. I advise those who are craving a meat & three to go with an empty stomach. The plates are large and typically can be split between 2 people on a normal appetite. Don’t let their full parking lot keep you from going inside, typically you are seated quick and food comes out fast as well. If you are searching for home cooked, low prices, and a big lunch, Paw’s diner is another go-to.

Sardi’s Den


Known for their delicious food as well as reasonable prices, Sardi’s is a favorite for locals as well as returning tourists. Their BBQ sauce is the most notorious item accompanying the restaurant name, but almost any meat or side you choose is a good decision. The hospitality radiates in the small shack of a restaurant. Sardi’s offers great service along with some of the best BBQ sauce in the Clemson area.

Dyar’s Diner


Attracting visitors from all around, Dyar’s keeps the locals and visitors from far coming back for more. Their Meat and Three meats are reviewed highly but their sides are what are most talked about. Although many love their full meal, the mac & cheese is what keep everyone coming back. Dyar’s offers the home cooked meals as well as hand made desserts that look as good as they taste. If you’re searching for smiling service, hot food, and southern charm, Dyar’s is the place to go!

Central Station Café

Central Station Cafe

If you’re searching for a local spot with culture as well as home cooked meals, Central Station Café is the place to go. The restaurant is located between Main St. in downtown Central and the railroad tracks. Locals find this the perfect restaurant for a quick trip for a short lunch break. Their local country style Meat and Three is a must.

The Steak House Cafeteria


If you are in the mood for chicken, The Steak House Cafeteria is the place to go. They are famous for their extra touch they add to their chicken, making it the most talked about item on the menu. Locals look forward to lunch at this quaint, family restaurant as well as those willing to make the drive for their famous chicken. Another attraction towards the restaurant is their homemade daily desserts by the owner. The Steak House Cafeteria offers quality food as well as a fresh taste to home cooked meals.