Rowing Rules and Regulations

August 31, 2016 | Kade Herrick
Last updated on October 25, 2017

Crew Coaches and Athletes:

For safety – please abide by these guidelines at all times. Refer to the course maps and traffic patterns for appropriate course usage. Remember to always follow traffic patterns!

Finish to start in lanes 0, 1 and 2. (Far Shore from CU Boathouse)
Lane 3 is dead at all times.
Start to finish in lanes 7, 6, 5 and 4. (Closest Shore from CU boathouse)

When Clemson University Women’s Rowing team is practicing on the course, their routines and course usage may differ from the guidelines imposed on visiting teams.

Crews launching from the Outdoor Fitness and Wellness Center and proceeding towards Cherry Bridge Road and the Clemson University Rowing Course should proceed in lane 0 and cross over just past the 1000 meter mark. Crews should look both ways before crossing and coaches will proceed at a no-wake speed.

If you are on the water in low light or heavy fog conditions, your boats (shells and launches) must have lights. All athletes and coaches need to be extremely observant and communicate with all crews to ensure the safest of conditions while on the water. Use of the Outdoor Fitness and Wellness Center and Lake Hartwell prior to sunrise or after sunset is not permitted.

IMPORTANT – If someone needs immediate medical attention, call CU Police at 864-656-2222
CU Police are much closer than the 911 emergency responders (if you are in the Clemson area).
There is an AnMed Urgent Care facility located on Tiger Blvd, near the Hampton Inn.

It is recommended that you tie up your launch each evening – as rain will make the lake levels rise enough to dislodge your launch and relocate it to the other side of the lake.

If your athletes are running to practice from any location around town – make certain they are wearing REFLECTIVE BELTS or carrying flashlights and they should STAY ON SIDEWALKS. In addition, reinforce that they need to look closely before crossing an intersection and realize their lives are in their own hands first and foremost.

In order to provide a safe and productive training environment, general rules have been put in place. All visiting teams should have the courtesy to comply with these rules and allow each program the opportunity to excel in their sport.

  • Prior to arrival – each coach/captain will receive facility rules, practice times, traffic patterns and any other items of interest that will keep all teams happy and safe during training and racing at Clemson.
  • Clemson Women’s Rowing trains Monday-Friday from 6:00 – 8:30 am. Afternoon training is tentatively schedule Monday-Friday from 4:30 – 6:30 pm, but may be altered.
  • Clemson University’s race course is available to visiting crews after 8:30 am, Monday thru Friday. Further course restrictions during Clemson University’s spring break.
  • Availability times of Clemson University’s race course is subject to change.
  • Visiting teams have priority on the Chamber’s race course daily (located north of US 123).
  • All crews launching should be considerate of those utilizing each race course. This area is a no wake zone for crews not practicing on the course. A course and training map will be provided to each team’s coach.
  • Any issues concerning the launch and beach facilities should be directed to Kade Herrick (
  • Barring lake level conditions, SCDNR or US Army Corps of Engineers may limit use of the race course.
  • Barring weather conditions, time slots on the Clemson University race course are not always guaranteed.
  • It is recommended that each team contact Clemson University’s or Southern Wesleyan University’s dining facilities first (Adam Summer with Aramark/CU at 864-656-2120 OR Doug Barry with Pioneer/SWU at
    864-644-5188) to obtain dining times. Once this is done, each team will then determine their Launch and Land times at CU Outdoor Fitness and Wellness Center. Typically, coaches training during the same week will contact each other to determine launch/land times.

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